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Haridwar is a holy city and a gateway to the four pilgrimages Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnat h). It is a pilgrimage place for the Uttarakhand District India. Haridwar is also the starting point on the journey to the sacred sources of the rivers Ganga and the Yamuna. Here you can experience the sacred bathing ghats, ancient temples, ashrams.For Hindu people Haridwar tour means to wash their sins.Haridwar is place where the river Ganges enters in plain areas north India after flowing 250 kms from its origin Gaumukh (Gangotri Glacier).

Best Time to Visit: You can visit Haridwar throughout the year.You can visit Haridwar during festivals of Ramnavami and Buddha Purnima from March to May.For the visitors the best time is October to February.

Attractions of Haridwar:
Har-ki-Pauri: Har Ki Pauri is the famous ghat situated on the banks of the Ganga River in the state of Uttarakhand.It is a place in the holy state of the Haridwar.

Kankhal: Kankhal is a Pilgrimages place in the Haridwar. It is a small colony situated in Haridwar.Kanakhal is famous for the Daksheswara Mahadev Temple and Maa Anandamoyi Ashram Kankhal and Patanjali Yog Peeth.

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar: Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is a famous Bird Sanctuary which is situated on the river Ganga.It is a famous place for the bird watchers just like as heaven.

Bharat Mata Mandir: This temple has eight stories and each floor depicts to the Indian history. This temple is anaugrated by the Indira Gandhi on 15 May 1983.

Sapt Rishi Ashram: It is a famous place where the Ganga divide herself in 07 currents at this place so sages would not be disturbed by the flow. Theses are Kashyapa, Vashisht, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja and Gautam.

Jairam Ashram: This Ashram is known for its huge white sculpture of the "Samudra Manthan".